Christian Heiman - Administrative Coordinator


Christina Heiman is one of our dedicated administrative coordinators and supports the entire team at Ross Hughes and Associates. She also ensures that client needs are fulfilled efficiently and with integrity during tax season and beyond. And since Ross Hughes and Associates is all about providing personal service Christina will make sure you have the latest tax news by editing our newsletter and keep you informed through the firm’s social media accounts.

Christina is a self-starter, organized, knows how to prioritize, thinks out-of-the-box and has a positive outlook and “client first” approach.

On the personal side, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, living a healthy lifestyle and having a work- life balance.

Professional Background

Christina has more than 10 years’ experience as an administrative assistant managing offices in a variety of job fields.

For several years she worked for a mortgage banking company. Starting in the bankruptcy department account managers quickly realized her potential and promoted her to be the bankruptcy manager’s Administrative Assistant. Excelling by coordinating that manager’s activities so impressed the company’s hierarchy, they soon promoted her, yet again. In that position, she supported a staff that included all the default managers, supervisors, and their respective staff. It was a group totaling well over 100 people. Accountabilities included quality control audits; tracking travel and expense reports; preparing multi-media presentations; training new hires and implementing new and cutting-edge software.

With the birth of her third daughter, Christina decided to take a break from the corporate world and manage the responsibilities of being a full-time mother. A job, that requires many of the same skills required by corporate America.

She enjoyed being a “stay at home” mom and volunteering at school as a “homeroom” mother. Christina also worked as a volunteer at bible school. And, when time allowed, to keep up to date on the latest in the corporate world, Christina worked as an independent contractor, developing and preparing marketing materials for a technology firm.

After the children reached a certain age, Christina made the full-time transition back to the workforce joining a computer technology company that develops software and provides support to the industry it serves. Again, Christina employed the skills she knew the best working as an Administrative Assistant. Upon taking the job she saw a need to streamline procedures, processes and improve efficiency. Motivated, it was something she accomplished quite quickly and handily. Impressed with her skills, the company also asked Christina to assist the sales and marketing teams to improve productivity, output, and proficiency.

Christina joined Ross Hughes & Associates after deciding to further her career and accept her next challenge with our CPA firm. Christina looks forward to a wonderfully successful future with the team and serving you by assisting with all of your tax and accounting needs.