Business Management Services

Get the expertise of a a fraction of the cost

Our Business Management Services package was developed for business owners looking for dedicated financial advice and guidance to help manage and grow their enterprise.

You can think of us as your CFO, but without the big price tag. We’ll meet with you regularly throughout the year to provide detailed, timely analysis on the health of your business—and in language you can understand and take action on.

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Our Business Management Services include:

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  • Budgeting
    • Your budget is a strong way to ensure and improve profitability.
  • Revenue & profit analysis
    • We'll analyze trends in your revenue and profit margins.
  • Expense analysis
    • We'll monitor your top expenses and help you to better manage them.
  • Key performance indicators
    • We'll analyze trends in your revenue and profit margins.
  • Management dashboards
    • We'll make it easy for you the manage information most important to you.
  • Tax planning & tax minimization
    • Minimize what you owe so you can invest more in things that matter most to you and your business.
  • Payroll expense analysis
    • Your staff are your most important resource. We help you get the most out of your investment in them.
  • Credit card fee tracking
    • Let us help you find the card that best supports your business.
  • Cashflow tracking
    • We'll analyze trends in your revenue and profit margins.
  • Succession planning
    • It is important to identify and develop new leaders who can replace old leaders when they want to step away from running the business day to day. This important to maximize the value of your business. We can help you with this.