Leadership & Team Development

Ross Hughes Associates is not just an accounting firm, we are also a leadership development consulting firm. Brent Ross is an Associate with The Integro Leadership Institute providing Fortune 500 best practices to small businesses, government institutions and tax-exempt organizations in the southeastern United States.

The fundamental focus of Integro's work is based inconstantly evolving research and analysis centered on the impact of trust in the work environment and employee performance. Creating a high performing, trust-based organization requires getting all employees engaged, capitalizing on their talents, getting their commitment, and getting team ownership of continuous improvement.

Our services and offerings range form individual and team wide surveys and assessments to intensive multi-day programs designed to introduce organizational leaders to skill sets that help them discover what is working and what is not. Our programs are not events that occur one day, but a process that endures and can be duplicated throughout an organization.

People are not born leaders. People learn leadership skills from parents, teachers, bosses, peersand many others. Leaders evolve though their experiences - successes and failures. Our belief is that evenif leaders learned poor skills sets, they can unlearn them and replace them with more effective behaviors. But first, the leaders must decide that they want to become better leaders in their organization.

Visit our web pages describing our processes, surveys and assessments for more in-depth information.

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