Enterprise & Empowerment Zone Incentives

As part of our commitment to your financial success, Brent Ross & Associates, CPAs, LLC offers several areas of tax specialization not normally offered by comparably-sized accounting firms. Outside of smart tax planning, these areas of specialization offer the greatest opportunities for you and your business to come out ahead now and at tax time.

One area in which we employ a specifically trained professional is the application of Enterprise and Empowerment Zone (EZ) credits. An EZ is an area targeted for economic revitalization by the State of Florida or the federal government. The state and federal governments offer financial incentives to entities located in, or doing business in, these areas to encourage private investment and job creation.

Many parts of Jacksonville, including Downtown and areas north of Downtown, are within Florida Enterprise Zones. The maps below detail the local Enterprise Zone areas.

Downtown Employerment Zone
Imeson Industrial Park
Imeson Industrial Park
Philips Highway Enterprize Zone
Philips Highway
Cecil Field Enterprize Zone
Cecil Field Industrial Area

Operating a business in any of these areas qualifies the business or individual for special "Zone credits” on jobs, sales and use tax and energy usage. Because Jacksonville's Enterprise Zones overlap the federal Empowerment Zones, the qualifying company or individual may receive these credits twice over. For example, a business can claim a tax credit at the state and federal level for each employee that resides in the zone.