Implementing Culture-Changing Strategies, Learning from Your Peers

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Boot Camp is a group of executives from 10 to 15 businesses around the Jacksonville regional area that meets once a month to learn skills necessary to create and sustain a self-directed, engaging and enjoyable work environment. Skills and tools are presented, discussed, and then practiced to ensure each executive understands how to put the concepts into action within his or her organization.

Tools and processes are given to each participant to take back to their respective teams and use; this enables them to effectively and efficiently make the concepts commonplace in their organization. The following month, each participant reports to the group how the process and skills learned the previous month worked for them, both the successes and the challenges. Peers share their experience and give and receive feedback and ideas are exchanged enhancing the process. 
Between meetings, participants sometimes experience a problem or have concerns. Our facilitator discusses alternative approaches to applying the skills or tools presented while coaching the participant through the process. Most importantly, The Entreprenuerial Leadership Boot Camp provides each participant real-time discussion and suggestions about leadership issues facing your organization.
If you are interested in joining a group please email us at so we can add you to the list for the next boot camp.