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Owners of commercial real estate and residential rental properties are improving cash flow and finding immediate tax savings from their business properties. They are finding these benefits from an unexpected source: the Internal Revenue Service. They are taking advantage of the significant tax benefits from accelerated depreciation deductions for commercial properties supported by more than 200 court cases, treasury regulations and IRS revenue rulings.
Property owners typically depreciate their building construction, renovation or acquisition costs over 39 years (commercial property) or 27.5 years (residential rental property). Brent Ross & Associates cost segregation studies are the IRS-sanctioned techniques allowing commercial property owners to accelerate depreciation on their facilities to 5, 7 and 15 year schedules. According to the IRS guidelines, a properly performed cost segregation study is based on a detailed engineering analysis. The analysis involves a thorough review of engineering and architectural documents, cost data, AIA Documents, as well as an on-site inspection of the property. These studies allow property owners to get the most out of their facility and maximize the tax benefits available to increase cash flow. Check out the IRS's Audit Technique Guide to Cost Segregation Studies - we meet or exceed IRS guidelines when we prepare a study maximizing the tax benefit for the property owner.

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